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II-VI's new multimode single emitter based laser diode modules BMU15/20/30-808C-02-R have been designed to provide an increased power output enabling DPSS laser and direct system manufacturers to generate higher powers with fewer modules, allowing for more compact pump configurations, greater pump block efficiency and simplification of packaging. Its compact design reduces the footprint of DPSS laser pump stages.

The module features a new generation of multimode laser diodes with E2 front mirror passivation that prevents Catastrophic Optical Damage (COD) to the laser diode facet even at very high power levels. The coupling process allows for high output powers that are very stable with both time and temperature.

application_logo APPLICATIONS

  • Solid state laser pumping
  • Medical
  • Analytical
  • Direct applications

Icon-Features FEATURES

  • Single emitter based laser diode module
  • Increased output power up to 30W
  • 0.22NA 200μm core multimode optical fiber with 0.17NA under-filling
  • Hermetically sealed 2-pin package with floating anode/cathode
  • Fibre protection sleeve and SMA connector
  • High reliability
  • RoHS compliant



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